Delicate, intricate, and perfectly decorated with swiss meringue buttercream, our vintage piped cakes the sweetest way to celebrate your special occasion.

This style of buttercream piping inspired by techniques from centuries-old Lambeth piping, which traditionally used royal icing to create layers and layers of delicate details. Our modern interpretation of these techniques features our favourite buttercream, pearl details, bows, and of course, our signature mini macarons.

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We pride ourselves on using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, and love to provide seasonal flavours for our clients to enjoy, in addition to creating the perfect colour palette and details to match your event.

Once you have made your order inquiry and we have checked our calendar, you will receive our information-rich vintage cake brochure to guide you through the wonderful world of cakes. Our brochure illustrates cakes sizes, flavour choices, colours, prices and much more!

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