Since we began creating custom cakes and sweets, we have remained true to our values of embracing our community and supporting local business. Our most cherished moments come from sharing in the joy of celebrating with our community and from supporting those who are in need. It is truly a privilege to bake for our community and celebrate local businesses with our sweets.

We have created special wish cakes for Icing Smiles for critically ill children, designed cookies for ovarian cancer awareness and recently embraced over 100 new Canadians with celebration cupcakes at their citizenship ceremony. When our local community fridge needed extra support during the height of the pandemic, we baked cupcakes every week and delivered them safely to our neighbours.

We are proud to be supporters of the IWK Foundation. Through helping you celebrate your sweetest milestones, we are able to donate a portion of our sales to the IWK Foundation as part of our commitment to our community and the individuals that make it shine. We feel so lucky to be able to share our love of baking and creating sugar art through our small business and collaborations.

Our long-standing focus has always been to support the well-being of our community. Our custom designed cakes have been auctioned at major fundraisers to support mental health for children, youth, and adults. These endeavours are possible using supplies that we source from our local business partners whenever possible. Local is at the heart of all we do.

If you would like to connect with us to partner on a community outreach opportunity, or if you are a small business that would like to collaborate, please fill out this form to get in touch!