The conditions set out herein constitute The Sugar Nursery Cake Shop & Imaginarium’s (hereafter The Sugar Nursery) terms of sale. Please contact us for clarity on any matter which is not clear or not understood and note that nothing contained here affects your statutory rights as a consumer.


We will endeavour to do everything we can to accommodate your order, however, we work to a maximum number of cakes per month and give priority to those who are able to confirm their order with a 50% deposit.

We require a minimum of 3 months’ notice for wedding cakes and 4 weeks’ notice for celebration cakes.


Should you be unhappy with the cake, we will do everything we can to rectify the matter before the event. If you are still unsatisfied, we will refund the price of the cake provided the product is returned prior to consumption.

If there is a design problem the cake is to be photographed and image e-mailed within 48 hours of the cake being collected or delivered. In situations where the cake is consumed in part or in whole, and therefore not returned, discounts may be offered on future orders at the discretion of The Sugar Nursery.


While we take every measure possible to check orders, it is also the responsibility of the customer to make sure the details on the order are accurate. While we will do everything we can to rectify the situation when an error is made, i.e, wrong date, the responsibility lies with the customer to check the details of their order.


We are only able to confirm orders with a 50% non-refundable, non-transferrable deposit, which must accompany the order. Orders are confirmed on receipt of the deposit and no guarantees can be given on availability until the deposit has been received.

Balances are due 28 days before the wedding and 14 days before a major event for novelty cakes.

Cancelled orders after the balance has been paid will receive 25% of the total price of the cake as a discount toward the next order. Cancellation must be received in writing at least 14 days prior to the event otherwise no refund is possible.

If you need to scale down your original order once the deposit has been paid (i.e scale down from a 4-tier wedding cake to a 2-tier cake), we will work with you to try to accommodate your change. Please note that since much of our work, and supplies ordered, are based on your original design, we are not able to proportionately discount your price.


When a cake is to be delivered it remains the responsibility of The Sugar Nursery while in transit. Where any damage occurs, it is the sole responsibility of The Sugar Nursery to make good on any damage. If this is not possible, for whatever reason, then a full refund will be provided. Delivery and setup fees may apply.


Once a cake leaves our premises, the responsibility passes to the customer and the Sugar Nursery is not liable for any damage in transit. Please be aware that a flat and level surface is required to retain the stability of the cake and should be secured where possible to reduce the risk of movement in transit.


When preparing some cakes, especially larger ones, the cakes need to be in prep for two sometimes three days before the event. While we do everything to ensure that the cake is as fresh as possible for the event, the best before dates are usually within two dates of the event.

To assist in prolonging the shelf life, the cakes are best placed in a sealed container in the fridge. If the cake is covered in sugar paste, please note that the sealed container may alter or soften the finish, however it remains the best way to keep the cake fresh for as long as possible. We do not accept liability for consumption if the cake has been exposed to high temperatures (80 degrees F) for more than 6 hours.


During the design process the customer will be informed of any non-edible elements that will be used to assemble the cake. For tall cakes, this typically includes food-safe dowels to support the tiers and may include other elements as agreed to by the parties. The customer must relay this information to the venue/hosts. Unless food safe florals have been sourced, or the cakes prepared are faux with cutting cakes provided, The Sugar Nursery will not insert/attach real florals to a cake.


The design copyright is the property of The Sugar Nursery. The customer does not have any claim on the design. The Sugar Nursery reserves the right to use images of any design for promotional purposes following the event.